Konzeptfussball Advent Calendar 2018

It all started like many things in Germany start: With a bit too much beer. But now we can say that we actually started a tradition. Our advent calendar goes into its third round. Like last year, it will be fully available in English. Haters will say, the advent calendar is the last reason for this blog to exist. We mobilize all forces that are usually lost to work or studies for it.

But the whole thing wouldn’t work without our guest authors. Once again, we got some popular and some still mostly unknown people to contribute. Once again, they come from different corners of the world. This makes our advent calendar a truly unique project.

Different to the two previous editions, we actually decided on a topic this year that will play a role in all articles. We will present training games for 24 different principles of play which were decided on by our writers. The principle is always explained shortly, also with the help of video material wherever possible. Then the author presents one or more training games which deal specifically with the chosen principle.

This will lead to a variety of styles and article lengths, just like every year. The authors can all do whatever they want, just like every year. But this time, we added a framework that will guide each of them just a tiny bit. By the way: That’s exactly how principles work.

Once we reach the last door, you will hopefully have kind of a tool box for your own training. At the same time you might enjoy the festive season a bit more than you would otherwise.

Your KF team

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  1. Hello from China! Thank you guys very much! Learned valuable ideas from your project!

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