Video analysis – Spain against Turkey

How to play good football:

  • Dynamic positional structure: movements transform flat structure to a triangular-dominated one
  • Smooth movement based on ball position
  • Good connections in possession = good structure for counterpressing
  • Counterpressing is not just will but collective intelligence
  • Backwards pressing
  • Scanning of the field: Perception is fundamental for everything
  • Exploiting man-orientations and poor defensive organisation (play between the lines)
  • Dribblings need to be prepared and supported
  • Chip the ball
  • Play back-heel passes as a centre back
  • Use of own cover shadow, manipulation of oppositional cover shadows
  • Busquets
  • Iniesta

How to play better football:

  • More initial staggering
  • More focus on central areas (and connection to right half-space) = more balance
  • More connection after shifting from one wing to the other
  • Overall: less predictable (long-range) shifts
  • Less focus on last line
  • A challenging opponent
  • Don’t come too close to your temmate, Cesc.

Software: Fubalytics

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  1. Is that without sound? Do those drawings make that an analysis?

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